Senin, 10 Oktober 2016

Lucky the Colarless Cat

It's been awhile I got Lucky, he started going out on his own. At first he even scared going out of my room, slowly hegoing out from my room and calling me when I got back from second floors (it's kinda cute though). So after that I took him to first floor, he's scared at first, and slowly again he's got down by his own and sleep on the sofa waiting for me.

Then he's started to going out a little, of course he's take a poop around the garden, also fight with another male cats, and tyring tomate with female cat. I was afraid he's getting more flea, and lost or maybe died because run over by a car.
Soo.. because of that and coincidence found a collar, and bought it.

Then after few days, he went out then the collar is gone. Well there goes my money for the collar.
Since then he became collarless, he's still going back to home after going out and still running away from a fight with a male cats. you could say he's a real pussy hahahha.

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