Kamis, 29 September 2016

Growing Lucky

I almost forgot that Lucky are 1 year old now, maybe a few moths more. It really fast to see his growth.
Around 6 moths old
Around a year old

Even thought he's still cute, it's still adorable when he's young.

I remember he's still crawl to my back and sleep on it.

Or to my lap, when I'm doing some work on laptop.

 Sometimes he sit on front of me or on the laptop, which is annoying sometimes.

If I went outside, he was looking for me and when I got back calling me from upstairs (my room is on second floor). It looks like I'm his father, and he always looking for me whenever hungry. Eventhough my parent, my sister or my brothers has feed him until now.
So yeah I'm like he's stepfather for him, always concern when he's gone somewhere, when I was leaving outside or out of town, when he had a fight with another male cats.
I hope he has long live, still thinking what will happen if Lucky died, he is my first cat, and I'm always prioritise him. Hope he's not left me like my girlfriend hahaha.
Lucky me and her has memory together, and I always share  Lucky stories, condition, photos, and videos. I hope I can get her back and live together me, her and Lucky.
I hope it become reality :)

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