Senin, 10 Oktober 2016

Lucky the Colarless Cat

It's been awhile I got Lucky, he started going out on his own. At first he even scared going out of my room, slowly hegoing out from my room and calling me when I got back from second floors (it's kinda cute though). So after that I took him to first floor, he's scared at first, and slowly again he's got down by his own and sleep on the sofa waiting for me.

Then he's started to going out a little, of course he's take a poop around the garden, also fight with another male cats, and tyring tomate with female cat. I was afraid he's getting more flea, and lost or maybe died because run over by a car.
Soo.. because of that and coincidence found a collar, and bought it.

Then after few days, he went out then the collar is gone. Well there goes my money for the collar.
Since then he became collarless, he's still going back to home after going out and still running away from a fight with a male cats. you could say he's a real pussy hahahha.

Kamis, 29 September 2016

Growing Lucky

I almost forgot that Lucky are 1 year old now, maybe a few moths more. It really fast to see his growth.
Around 6 moths old
Around a year old

Even thought he's still cute, it's still adorable when he's young.

I remember he's still crawl to my back and sleep on it.

Or to my lap, when I'm doing some work on laptop.

 Sometimes he sit on front of me or on the laptop, which is annoying sometimes.

If I went outside, he was looking for me and when I got back calling me from upstairs (my room is on second floor). It looks like I'm his father, and he always looking for me whenever hungry. Eventhough my parent, my sister or my brothers has feed him until now.
So yeah I'm like he's stepfather for him, always concern when he's gone somewhere, when I was leaving outside or out of town, when he had a fight with another male cats.
I hope he has long live, still thinking what will happen if Lucky died, he is my first cat, and I'm always prioritise him. Hope he's not left me like my girlfriend hahaha.
Lucky me and her has memory together, and I always share  Lucky stories, condition, photos, and videos. I hope I can get her back and live together me, her and Lucky.
I hope it become reality :)

Senin, 19 September 2016

Rare Encounter

This morning I was going to try to take a morning walk, also wanted to find Lucky because I haven't seen him. Just few meters from home I heard this tree soo noisy because the birds sound, and I look to that tree, and see where the hell are the birds.
Then I saw this big birds, I thought it was a chicken or because it's too close to me that it looks big. So I don't mind the big bird, I walk futher ahead to the head of the bird. At first I confuse what kind of chicken or bird that has the position of the eyes same as human eyes, and I kept staring at it, and it kept staring at me too, confused. After that the head like going to the front of it's head, and look sideways, and I just realize it was A FRICKIN EAGEL!
I stare at it for a while, and walk back homelike nothing happen, after I'm insede the house I ran to take the camera, so I can take picture of it, because I'm sure the eagle will fly off if I'm too near it brought a camera, I make a distance 4 maybe 5 meters and take a picture of it.

It's a jvan hawk-eagle (Spizatetus bartelsii), a endangered species in Indonesia and I found it lucky because I didn't find Lucky (the cat). Well I knew there're eagles near my home, but I don't bring any camera with me when I'm seeing them. So yeah, an endangered species aroung my house not so bad finding hahahaha.

And Lucky finally back when I'm making this blog, I hope he's not bullied by the eagle or worst, he got kidnapped by the eagle (it's immpossible, but possible at the same time).

Minggu, 18 September 2016

Lucky Wasn't His First Name

Kitten born with his or her brothers and sister.Basically not one kitten born, but in this case Lucky found alone in empty landspot. I heard at night there're still meow sound, but I can't find it and it very faint sound. 
So I found him alone, I named him Nola. Alone, backward without the "e".

I knew it was girlish, I knew he was a he at second look (At first I thought he was a she LOL), and I confirmed he was a he in vet.

Buuutt... I still insisted called him Nola, until all my brothers mocking me cause I can't naming a right because the gender.
I told them that I will change the name. It said "SCREW YOU!".
Of course it was a joke (for my brothers), I change it to Lucky then. Until now.

Selasa, 13 September 2016

Distress Meow

One day on a quite day, my parents went to out of town. Just me and my 2 brothers, watching and take care of the house.

It was routine day of Saturday, play game all day long hahahahaha :D

It's serious, I always play game everytime I can.

Then I heard meow from the distance. I knew from it's sound that is a kitten, and it's looking for something, or want something. Sometime the sound louder, and I knew it closeby. Sometime it sound faint, like run out of breath and tired. So then I search around the house, there was no kitten but I still heard the meow sound. Then I tried to go to some empty landspot front of the house, I climb the wall because it was someone else property (well it's empty and full of bushes and trees and looks abandoned), then I found a little yellow an white kitten.

It looks 2-3 moths old, and alone in there. I search for any females cat around, but no sign of it. Because I felt pity, I bring him to front of my house and keep him warm and gave him drinks. I decided to buy a catfood from petshop, that I never enter before and never thought that I will go there. I bought some dry food and wet food.

After I got back I saw, the kitten sit in the back of the plant, motionless and soundless. I thought he was a gone, I shake him a bit and he's awake. I felt a relieve. I tried to gave him food I bought but it seems he can't eat it. I try to mush the dry food with water, and the wet food also and feed him with spoon. He want a bit, but still looks weak. I think it's okay to leave him because I gave him bed from box, drinks and food. It souhld be good to leave him until his mother come. So I went back to my room continuing my game (what do you expect I'm loves playing game :P).

The kitten then meowing. Still calling his mother (maybe). So I leave him be.

Then it came sunset, and he still meowing, no sign of her mother came back. So I presume the mother still looking for him but from the empty landspot. So I take him with his box, and left it like it was. Hoping the mother came back.

Evening came, and he's still meowing, sometimes louder even my brother notice it. So I keep an eye on him from by balcony. Then I take him back, but now to my room. I presume his mother runover by car, or dead or whatever that makes her didn't came back.

I put a sand on a box and put beside his box, and left him to sleep. At mid-night he's still meowing, but I'm too sleepy for awake. My brother took him and put it on his bellies, and the kitten quite (he protest that he have ache all over his body because he can't move with the kitten on his bellies).

I think if I keep him in my house my parents gonna kill me (I mean scold me and angry it's methaphor). I tried to sold to my friends, but no one wanted it, sooo... I kept it secret until my parents found out hahaha (and they did).

I kept him alive until now.

Here's his picture when I found him : 

 Days after...