Selasa, 13 September 2016

Distress Meow

One day on a quite day, my parents went to out of town. Just me and my 2 brothers, watching and take care of the house.

It was routine day of Saturday, play game all day long hahahahaha :D

It's serious, I always play game everytime I can.

Then I heard meow from the distance. I knew from it's sound that is a kitten, and it's looking for something, or want something. Sometime the sound louder, and I knew it closeby. Sometime it sound faint, like run out of breath and tired. So then I search around the house, there was no kitten but I still heard the meow sound. Then I tried to go to some empty landspot front of the house, I climb the wall because it was someone else property (well it's empty and full of bushes and trees and looks abandoned), then I found a little yellow an white kitten.

It looks 2-3 moths old, and alone in there. I search for any females cat around, but no sign of it. Because I felt pity, I bring him to front of my house and keep him warm and gave him drinks. I decided to buy a catfood from petshop, that I never enter before and never thought that I will go there. I bought some dry food and wet food.

After I got back I saw, the kitten sit in the back of the plant, motionless and soundless. I thought he was a gone, I shake him a bit and he's awake. I felt a relieve. I tried to gave him food I bought but it seems he can't eat it. I try to mush the dry food with water, and the wet food also and feed him with spoon. He want a bit, but still looks weak. I think it's okay to leave him because I gave him bed from box, drinks and food. It souhld be good to leave him until his mother come. So I went back to my room continuing my game (what do you expect I'm loves playing game :P).

The kitten then meowing. Still calling his mother (maybe). So I leave him be.

Then it came sunset, and he still meowing, no sign of her mother came back. So I presume the mother still looking for him but from the empty landspot. So I take him with his box, and left it like it was. Hoping the mother came back.

Evening came, and he's still meowing, sometimes louder even my brother notice it. So I keep an eye on him from by balcony. Then I take him back, but now to my room. I presume his mother runover by car, or dead or whatever that makes her didn't came back.

I put a sand on a box and put beside his box, and left him to sleep. At mid-night he's still meowing, but I'm too sleepy for awake. My brother took him and put it on his bellies, and the kitten quite (he protest that he have ache all over his body because he can't move with the kitten on his bellies).

I think if I keep him in my house my parents gonna kill me (I mean scold me and angry it's methaphor). I tried to sold to my friends, but no one wanted it, sooo... I kept it secret until my parents found out hahaha (and they did).

I kept him alive until now.

Here's his picture when I found him : 

 Days after...




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