Minggu, 18 September 2016

Lucky Wasn't His First Name

Kitten born with his or her brothers and sister.Basically not one kitten born, but in this case Lucky found alone in empty landspot. I heard at night there're still meow sound, but I can't find it and it very faint sound. 
So I found him alone, I named him Nola. Alone, backward without the "e".

I knew it was girlish, I knew he was a he at second look (At first I thought he was a she LOL), and I confirmed he was a he in vet.

Buuutt... I still insisted called him Nola, until all my brothers mocking me cause I can't naming a right because the gender.
I told them that I will change the name. It said "SCREW YOU!".
Of course it was a joke (for my brothers), I change it to Lucky then. Until now.

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