Senin, 19 September 2016

Rare Encounter

This morning I was going to try to take a morning walk, also wanted to find Lucky because I haven't seen him. Just few meters from home I heard this tree soo noisy because the birds sound, and I look to that tree, and see where the hell are the birds.
Then I saw this big birds, I thought it was a chicken or because it's too close to me that it looks big. So I don't mind the big bird, I walk futher ahead to the head of the bird. At first I confuse what kind of chicken or bird that has the position of the eyes same as human eyes, and I kept staring at it, and it kept staring at me too, confused. After that the head like going to the front of it's head, and look sideways, and I just realize it was A FRICKIN EAGEL!
I stare at it for a while, and walk back homelike nothing happen, after I'm insede the house I ran to take the camera, so I can take picture of it, because I'm sure the eagle will fly off if I'm too near it brought a camera, I make a distance 4 maybe 5 meters and take a picture of it.

It's a jvan hawk-eagle (Spizatetus bartelsii), a endangered species in Indonesia and I found it lucky because I didn't find Lucky (the cat). Well I knew there're eagles near my home, but I don't bring any camera with me when I'm seeing them. So yeah, an endangered species aroung my house not so bad finding hahahaha.

And Lucky finally back when I'm making this blog, I hope he's not bullied by the eagle or worst, he got kidnapped by the eagle (it's immpossible, but possible at the same time).

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